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Dance Unlimited provides training under the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Ballet Curriculum.


The RAD organisation is a world renowned leader in ballet.  Its training program allows children to develop ballet technique and artistry through a beautifully structured and whimsically musical  syllabus.


Children have the opportunity to enter in yearly exams, usually held in Term 3.


Jazz is an upbeat, dynamic form of dance.  It combines current pop and funk music with fast and strong movements of the entire body.

Jazz dance has become one of the most popular dance styles in recent years and can be seen in music clips, movies, television shows and commercials.


Dance Unlimited teaches the Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus (GWT)


GWT incorporates both fast and slow tapping techniques performed to all forms of music, encouraging musicality, personality and co-ordination of the whole body.   Move over Fred & Ginger here we come!!


Children have the opportunity to enter in GWT exams each year.


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet.


It encourages imagination and emotion and can be used to express ideas or stories.


Contemporary dance is ever changing and versatile and promotes adaptability, fluidity and strength through movement.

Hip Hop

  /Street Funk

Hip Hop is a funky fusion of street style dancing that includes  jazz-funk,  breaking, popping and locking.


The music used is very current and incorporates strong beats and a whole lot of attitude.


This style of dance is great for everyone especially boys as it is a stronger style that incorporates break 'tricks' and flips.

Tiny Tots

 (& Tiny Tappers)

Tiny Tots is a beginner ballet program aimed at teaching your tiny twirler basic ballet technique while encouraging imagination, rhythm and poise.


Tiny Tots classes build self-esteem and foster a love of dance.  Encouraged through the exploration of movement and imaginative play using props and enchanting music.


Tiny Tots includes elements of Jazz dance and our tiny twirlers also have the opportunity to join our Tiny Tappers adjunct class to finish of their lesson with a bang!







Our newest class addition to our Tiny Tots Program is Tiny Tumblers.  


Tiny Tumblers Acro is a basic tumbling, strength and balance class for our littlest acrobats.  This class will encourage the development of balance, basic tumbling, whole body flexibility, strengthening and even cartwheels.  


A great and safe way to introduce your little tumbler into acrobatics for dance.

Dance Acro is a progressive program aimed at safely developing acrobatic and flexibility based elements used within the genre of dance.


Dance Unlimited follows the Acrobatic Arts; Professional Curriculum for Acrobatic Dance Syllabus.


Dance Acrobatics have become a big part of the dance world in recent years, this class offers students a way of safely developing these new skills under the guidance of our fully qualified teachers.

Strength & Conditioning classes are a ballet based strengthening class aimed at children moving towards the upper grades and vocational ballet levels.


Children are given core strengthening exercise and stretches as well as learning basic anatomy to help aid there understanding of the body.


The more children know about their body, the better equipped they are to cope with the stresses placed upon it.




Tiny Tumblers Acro

Dance Acro

Strength &


Boys class is a class specifically developed for those boys that love moving, jumping, flipping, tricking and music.

These classes incorporate elements of modern hip hop and funk dance styles with acrobatics and break dancing including tumbling and flips.


Boys class has a large focus on strengthening and control to enable the boys to achieve all elements of this class safely and effectively.

High energy and exciting movements make this class a must for both the adventurous and musical young men!


Boys Class

These classes will allow children to explore the creative and exciting world of musical theatre.


An energised class that combines both dance and acting.  From Oliver to Dr Seus, Disney to Les Miserables the possibilities are endless and the fun, never ending.

Allow your child to get swept away in the magical world of story telling through dance and acting.


Entertainment classes are a performance class (these groups are required to participate in local eisteddfods).



(Muscial Theatre)


Pointe Class

Boys Class

Pointe is an wonderful component in Vocational level Ballet.  However, it is also very demanding on a young dancer's body.


Our Pointe Classes help each dancer develop basic strength, stability and control to allow for safe and seamless transition from the studio to the stage.

Students will also learn all the necessities including how to care for and know if your pointe shoes are the right fit, how to strengthen the feet and control the ankle and how to work the whole body safely and effectively.


Pointe class is compulsory for all of our ballet dancers in Intermediate Foundation and up.