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Tiny Tiny Tots & Tiny Tots

Tiny Tiny Tots

Our tiny tiny tots programme is run for ages 2-3 year olds and is suitable for both boys and girls.


Our beautiful baby ballerinas are treated to a class full of imagination, colourful props and whimsical music.  They will explore the creative movements of dance in all its forms while developing essential movement and learning skills.


Watch your enchanting baby ballerina grow, smile and learn through our parent's viewing window.  There's no better feeling than seeing the magical twinkle in their eye as you watch your little one twirl and leap around the studio.

Pre School Pros

Our tiny tots programme is run for ages 4-5 year olds and is suitable for both boys and girls.


These classes are a stepping stone from our younger class and look to consolidate basic fundamental co-ordination and dance technique with creativity, musicality and imagination.


Our Tiny dancers will learn to run, jump, twirl, point and pose.  Through our large parents veiwing window you can watch their eyes twinkle with excitement and their confidence blossom.


Our Tiny dancers are our most creative and beautiful dancers. With every tune and through every movement, we see them grow and watch their wonderful personalities shine brighter than the sun.

Common Questions

How do i know if my baby ballerina is ready?

Does my child need to be toilet trained before they start?

Can we do Tiny (Tiny) Tots without Tiny Tappers?

Is the end of year concert compulsory?

What does my tiny dancer wear?

Tiny Tiny Tappers & Tiny Tappers

Our gorgeous baby ballerinas also have the option of adding a 15 minute class of tap onto their tiny tots class. These classes promote musicality and balance and of course the little ones love to make noise, stamp, clap and jump.

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Does your child dance and sing around the house? Are they able to follow basic instructions (even if its not all the time...)?  Then your child is ready to become one of our Tiny dancers and we'd love to meet them in the studio.

No. We teach children at all stages of development.  However, if you are toilet training, we ask that you stay close to the studio so if your tiny dancer needs to 'go' you are there to lend them a hand.

Yes.  Tap is done at the end of the tiny (tiny) tots classes and as such you are not required to do both.

No.  The concert gives all our beautiful dancers the opportunity to strut their stuff in front of mum, dad, grandparents and friends.  However, your tiny dancer will still get to learn the concert dance in term 4 but if you wish, does not have to perform on the stage.

To start with, just have your tiny dancer wear tights and a t-shirt or any fairy dress.  We have an onsite Dancewear shop where you can purchase all your leotards, stockings, tiny tutus and shoes.  Its all very cute, and extra exciting for your tiny dancer to pick their outfits.

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Our newest class addition to our Tiny Tots Program is Tiny Tumblers.  Tiny Tumblers Acro is a basic tumbling, strength and balance class for our littlest acrobats.  This class will encourage the development of balance, basic tumbling, whole body flexibility, strengthening and even cartwheels.  A great and safe way to introduce your little tumbler into acrobatics for dance.

Tiny Tumblers Acro (4-5yrs)

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