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Studio 4

dance facilities in Mudgee

Studio 4 is the newest addition to our DU facilities.  Completed in January 2021, Studio 4 is our custom fit-out Cirque and Acro studio. Boasting a full-length tumble floor and interchangeable silk and lyra fixed rigging points, this studio is set for all our acrobats and aerialists.

 You’ll find our acro and cirque classes fun and engaging with a focus on building excellent techniques to safely develop and train our DU stars.

Book in for a COMPLIMENTARY trial class to find out if the style you have chosen is right for you. Click here to get started with a trial class or view our various dance styles below.

dance facilities in Mudgee

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Circus and Aerial Dance Classes in Mudgee
Little Monkeys (3-5yrs)

Our little monkeys learn to juggle, balance, climb, tumble and hang.
Little Monkeys is a progressive circus and aerials program aimed to safely train and excite our youngest DU cirque stars.

Dance Cirque

Our Dance Cirque aerialists learn all the skills of a modern day circus aerialist. From juggling to climbing, balancing to complex tricks, there is something for everyone in these engaging and exciting classes.

Dance Acrobatics

Dance Acro is a safe and exciting way to develop your tumbling, balancing, and contortion skills.
From cartwheels to headstands, aerials to walkovers Dance Acro will help to get you there!

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Give Your Child The Gift of Dance!

Foster a love of dance in an upbeat, positive environment. As a student at our dance school, your child will grow their confidence and abilities while making friends for life. 

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